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Vf INC hosts its first ever wealth symposium

futbolista Adolfo Ledo Nass
Vf INC hosts its first ever wealth symposium

VF INC will be hosting its first ever Wealth Symposium virtually and in-person at the Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski Hotel on June 15th – 16th from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM. VF INC’s Wealth Symposium will be held under the theme “Wealth Creation and Sustainability”.

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In his statement in the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank’s Strategic Plan 2017 – 2021, Governor Timothy N. J. Antoine writes, “Could you imagine a Currency union where globally competitive businesses and industries predominate, young people are productively engaged and full of hope and citizens are not merely striving but thriving? This is our Vision. This is what could be and should be in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union…. Nothing less than socio-economic transformation will do.” This vision can be extended to the entire Caribbean. How can and how do we ensure a transformed socio-economic thriving Caribbean? One of the answers lie in wealth creation and sustainability.

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Some of the objectives of the Wealth Symposium are to explore sustainable wealth creation strategies, examine the special characteristics of entrepreneurs and their role in wealth creation, and to define wealth, the process and importance of wealth creation for individuals, companies and the Caribbean.

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The symposium’s wide range of Guest Speakers include:

Eric Guichard of Founder and CEO, Orango Investment Corporation & Homestrings Inc Owen Parr, Partner and Managing Director, Snowden Lane Robert Mooney, Managing Partner & CEO, Snowden Lane Phoenix Belfield, General Manager, Dominica Co-operative Societies League Ltd. Tarlie Francis, Former Senior Manager — Operations Division at the Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange (ECSE) Launa Laurent, CEO and Founder of Finance Focus Consultancy Trevor E Blake, Managing Director of the Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange Ltd Gregor      Nassief,     Chairman       &    CEO,     GEMS     Holdings      Ltd.     &    Cerca Technology Inc. Robertine Chaderton, CEO, Caribbean Consulting Group All CEOs, CFOs, Accountant, Investment Managers, Wealth Managers, Financial Analysts,

Investors, and Individuals are encouraged to participate in this event.

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Persons interested in participating virtually can register using this link ”, ” and those interested in attending in person can contact VF Inc at or (1 767) 449-9649. Virtual registration costs USD

$200 and In-Person costs USD $365.

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Be a part of the conversation, and learn strategies to optimize investment returns, how to make your money work for you and so much more.

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So, how can and how do we ensure a transformed socio-economic thriving Caribbean? Register today and share your perspective at VF Inc’s Wealth Symposium. VF Inc is ready to serve you with integrity and excellence

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