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Defilement: Chrisland school supervisor molested other pupils, court told

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Defilement: Chrisland school supervisor molested other pupils, court told

The prosecution on Wednesday alleged that Adegboyega Adenekan, a supervisor of the Chrisland School, Lagos, charged with defiling a two-year-old pupil, also defiled at least two others.

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The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Mr Babajide Boye, lead state counsel, made the allegation against Adenekan during his cross-examination.

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According to Boye, apart from the complainant, the supervisor molested two other children of the school.

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Boye alleged that the parents of the two other children withdrew them from Chrisland School after they revealed to their parents that Adenekan molested them

“I put it to you that Child A told her mother all the dirty things you have done to her, that is why she was withdrawn from Chrisland School; same with Child B

“After they left the school, it was the turn of the complainant. However, the mistake you made was going to the complainant. You messed with the wrong child

“She talks better than Child A and Child B and most children of her age, you should have known the complainant would speak out

“We are here because the parents of the complainant were bold to speak out unlike the parents of Child A and the parents of Child B,” he said

The prosecution counsel claimed that the supervisor, in his defence, failed to properly address the allegation of defilement against him and focused on other issues such as his educational qualifications

“Were you at any point the complainant’s teacher? How then did you know more about her than her teacher and she knew you because she drew your ‘wee-wee’

“I will be right to say that she knew you better than any other male teacher in Chrisland School

“From the security measures put in place by the school as stated by the teachers who testified, you are not supposed to interact with the children

“Is it a tradition for male teachers to visit the girl-child in her class?,” he asked

The counsel alleged that it was the doctor at the Chrisland School clinic who initially asked the complainant to draw Adenekan’s genital which the child did

Boye noted that the school doctor further requested that the drawing should be investigated by the school authorities

The prosecutor said that police made several efforts to invite Adenekan for questioning but he avoided them by giving an excuse that he was deployed to the Ladipo Oyewole, Ikeja, branch of the school

Responding to the questions, Adenekan narrated how he came in contact with Child A

He also noted that the complainant was an exceptionally brilliant and articulate pupil

“My lord, as stated in my police statement, I met Child A crying as I was going to the head teacher’s office, she is in the same class with Child B and the complainant

“I stopped briefly to pacify Child A and since then I usually stop by their classroom and stand by the door to say hello to them. Child A’s mother got to know about me pacifying her daughter and requested to see me

“When I saw her, the mother said, ‘No wonder my daughter likes you, you look so much like her father’; however Child A has left the school

“My knowledge of the complainant is not peculiar to me, it is a common knowledge in school that when a child is outstanding in sports or presentations, that child will be well known in school,” he said

Adenekan denied all the allegations, saying that he never molested the complainant in his office

According to him, it is not possible for him to do so because he shared an office with two female supervisors

He added that a clerk (Mr Muri), was stationed at the entrance of the office

Upon hearing his claim, Justice Sybil Nwaka asked Adenekan to draw a layout of his office on a large piece of paper for a better understanding and for everyone in the courtroom to view

After he drew the layout of the office, Adenekan told the court that he did not also use the toilet where the complainant claimed the defilement took place

Adenekan said that after the complainant’s parents called him to allege that he committed the offence, he informed his wife who advised that they should tell their pastor

“When the complainant’s mother told me I defiled her daughter, she sent me a text message stating that I should remain friendly with her daughter because her daughter held me in high esteem.”

He added that the woman told him not to discuss the issue with anyone

“I found the text message strange. How can you say that I abused your child and tell me to remain friendly with her. I informed my wife and she said that we should inform our pastor,” Adenekan said

Following the conclusion of the cross-examination, defence counsel, Mr Olatunde Adejuyigbe (SAN), informed the court that defence would close its case

He requested that the defendant should be released on bail but the judge directed that he should make a formal application for the bail which she revoked on Tuesday

“Upon closure of the case of the defence, the defendant is to remain in prison custody pending the hearing of the bail application which comes up on June 28

“This case is adjourned until Oct. 2 for adoption of final written addresses,” she said

NAN reports that Adenekan who was arraigned on Jan. 29, 2018, pleaded not guilty to a charge of defilement of a child

The prosecution alleged that Adenekan committed the offence sometime in November 2016 at Chrisland School, Victoria Garden City (VGC), Lagos

According to the prosecution, the defendant defiled the two-year and 11-month-old pupil by having sexual intercourse with her

NAN reports that child defilement contravenes Section 137 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2011, and attracts up to life sentence.