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Juice Man Receiving Medical Care Following Fire

Juice Man Receiving Medical Care Following Fire


Proprietor of well known , “Juice Man Cafe & Night Club” Fredrick Joseph, is currently a patient at the Intensive Care Unit of the Princess Margaret Hospital, following destruction of his establishment due to a fire.

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On the evening of Monday 24th June 2019, reports arrived at DA Vibes indicating that there was a fire in the village of Pottersville.

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When Vibes reporter arrived at the scene at about 8:15 p.m, fire fighters were still trying to extinguish the inferno.

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A  neighbour whose home was in the path of the fire confirmed that she had received no damages, however has suffered some flooding from the water doused on the burning building nearby.

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“I was in my bedroom, eating some pancakes, all of a sudden my son told me “mammy fire outside” I thought he was not serious, then I went outside and saw the huge fire, ..all I could grab was a bag and a shoe for my feet,” the eye witness, who prefers to remain anonymous said

Another eye-witness informed DA Vibes, ” I saw the fire but I thought it was a bush fire, when I get close I see it was JuiceMan,” he stated

Meanwhile, an address surfaced on the Juice Man’s Social Media page seeking prayers and support from the public

“Good morning all, by now you may all have heard that our establishment has been burnt completely to the ground. Fortunately no lives were lost during the fire. We would like to request that you keep JB, the Juiceman in your prayers as he is currently at the Princess Margaret Hospital ICU due to his pre-existing health conditions and complications surrounding it. We thank everyone for their well wishes since the ordeal and we just ask that you lift him and his family up in prayers.”

The establishment was recently refurbished after undergoing damages due to hurricane Maria in 2017