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Meghan and Harry Just Showed Up to Their First Event of 2019 and The Pics Are SO CUTE

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry just made their first joint engagement of 2019, visiting Birkenhead, Merseyside to ~check out the local community.~ The pair got up to all kinds of fun activities during their outing, by which I mean they visited a statue, took a walkabout, unveiled a plaque, and looked extremely cute. I mean:

View photos Photo credit: Getty Images More In the event that you are not one of the lucky people in the below video, the time has come to live vicariously through them. On that note, here are Megs and Harry arriving by car….

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More from Harry and Meghan’s arrival in Birkenhead pic.twitter.com/8o4ZVxLvcW

– Rebecca English (@RE_DailyMail) January 14, 2019 FYI, Meghan‘s wearing a super cheerful red coat by Sentaler paired with a purple Aritizia dress and matching red shoes:

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View photos Photo credit: Getty Images More View photos Photo credit: Getty Images More And she and Harry wasted no time getting down to business. Here they are checking out a statue of war poet Wilfred Owen in the middle of town:

Harry andMeghan mark the 100th anniversary of the death of Birkenhead’s most famous son, the war poet Wilfred Owen. pic.twitter.com/D9t3DHGMya

– Richard Palmer (@RoyalReporter) January 14, 2019 TBH, 2019 is looking good.

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